FAQ | A.V.T. Investment consult

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1. The project for support for the work of IT Startups has been operating for 4 years. Why was the company decided to start the project?

- The project was developed to support IT Startups in which the area of activity corresponds to our investment consult areas. We can conduct a quality assessment of projects. IT Startups create unique IT products and services. Innovators should receive reliable support.
2. The stages of evaluation of the application can be changed?

-All stages are required. All applications pass all the stages. The decision is made by a team of experts. There are no exceptions. The conditions are the same for all
3. Why support IT Startups from the EU only?

- The support program has been developed only for IT startups registered in the European Union.
4. The team of experts has a complex structure. Lawyers is an important part of team. Why?

-The process of consideration of the application is complex. Includes the assessment of the work of the IT Startup, the organizational structure of the business, the financial results of the activity. Due diligence is mandatory. This part of the analysis is performed by lawyers.
5. What experts with professional skills more affect a positive decision to support the IT Startup?
- All experts with IT experience, business experience, legal practice make a decision and give expert reports. With a positive expert assessment of the team, the application is accepted for funding. This is a teamwork. With no exceptions.
6. Does your foundation deal with property  Investments or digital Bitcoin Investments?
– Thanks for the question. Firstly, A.V.T. Investment consult
isn’t an investment fund. Secondly, real estate or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not in our investment consult areas.