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Since 2018 | Expertise of IT Startups at all stages of third party investment. From 1 year work of IT Startup, From 2% ROI

Since 2018. Expertise of IT Startups from the EU. From 1 year start work, from 4 team members. The project supports only certain activities, such as 62.01. A prerequisite is the availability of a package of documents including the balance sheet. All stages of analysis of investment projects are mandatory. The decision is made collectively by a team of experts, due diligence is a mandatory process.

About the team

A.V.T. Invest’s consulting  team consists of independent experts. Professional skills and experience from the following areas: business management (IT, telecommunications), lawyers in the field of intellectual property rights, corporate governance, C-level of IT companies with basic skills in the field of software development. The team works independently. In January 2022, the team of lawyers was completely updated and strengthened with new specialists. When expanding the tasks of the project, new experts are invited to the team. The main principles of the team’s work are #leadership, #partnership.

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From 2% ROI| From 1 year start work

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